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Welcome to, the internet's best resource for tips and tricks to winning at online casinos when playing blackjack for money on the web. By using the information on our site you can drastically improve your skills as a blackjack player by learning the tactics and methods used by the professionals to consistently improve your chances to win more often at blackjack.

Basic Rules of Blackjack & Online Blackjack

Making sure you have a proper understanding of the rules of UK online blackjack games will immediately aim to help to give you an edge against the house while playing blackjack online for money.   See our rules section for more information on how to properly play online blackjack:

Learn Proper Blackjack Rules

Blackjack Game Variations

Many online casino sites offer their players different varieties of on line blackjack games with varying rules and bonuses. Below is a list of some of the more popular varieties of black jack online:

Regular Blackjack
Spanish 21
Double Exposure Blackjack
Single Deck Blackjack
Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Strategy

Using correct Blackjack strategy is essential to becoming a winning player and maximizing your advantage against the house. When playing blackjack online it's key to at least know basic strategy to maximize your odds against the house. The most basic blackjack strategy should be followed at all times while playing blackjack on line, however these other factors can sometimes be useful when playing:

Table Selection
Game Selection
Betting Strategy
Bankroll Management

Blackjack Odds

Knowing the odds and how they work both in favour of the casino and player is vital in choosing a game and improving your chances of winning. Below is detailed information on odd percentages and how they can affect your win rate and the house edge:

Basic Blackjack Odds
Odds Based On Game Variation
Odds Based On Rules

Black Jack Videos

Our blackjack videos section features numerous videos on blackjack strategy, card counting and other topics related to online blackjack.

Watch Blackjack Videos

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Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

The strategy that you use while playing blackjack online for real money can greatly affect the outcomes of your hands. By following a basic blackjack strategy chart you will be giving yourself the best advantage against the house when you play. Below is a visual guide to what you should do in different situation while playing online blackjack:

Card Counting

Card counting is one of the most advanced techniques that professional blackjack players use to gain an advantage over the house. Below is a list of resources for card counting:

History of Card Counting
Basic Card Counting Principles
Different Card Counting Systems

Playing Professional Blackjack

Playing blackjack online or regular online black jack professionally is not an easy task. It requires a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill in order to make a profit over the long run while playing online blackjack games. Follow the link below for detailed tips and strategies for becoming a solid, professional blackjack player:

Become A Professional Blackjack Player